Alarm Ordinance Overview

The Lubbock Police Department enforces the alarm ordinance that was passed by the City Council on November 8, 2001. The ordinance, which addresses false burglary and robbery alarms at residences and businesses, calls for permit fees and fines to assist in cost recovery of approximately $255,000 expended by the LPD annually in answering false alarms.

The Police Department sends certified letters to property owners who have violated the ordinance by having Three False Burglary Alarms or One False Robbery Alarm in a 12 month calendar period. The owners will then need to purchase a permit, and subsequent false alarms will be handled according to the rules set forth in the ordinance.

It is not necessary to submit an application for an alarm permit just because the site has an alarm system. Until the alarm site has exceeded the allowable number of alarms explained above, a permit may not be issued. The neighborhood services unit will contact each alarm site in writing when the site is required to obtain an alarm permit. Applications should not be submitted prior to receiving this notification.

If you need more information, Contact the Community Intelligence Unit.