Hiring Process
Written Examination
The written examination is administered to all applicants at the same time. The examination is about two and one half (2 1/2) hours in length. A driver's license with photo is required for admission to the test.

The entrance exam is a basic knowledge, civil service test. The test is administered in three sections covering reading comprehension, grammar, and mathematics. Calculators or dictionaries will not be allowed. All telecommunication devices and watch alarms must be turned off.

The scores of the applicants passing the written examination will be ranked, highest final score ranked first. The final competitive score includes veteran's preference points. The final score will be used to establish positions on the Police Officer Eligibility List.

Physical Ability Test
The individuals with passing scores on the entrance exam will be required to complete a test measuring general physical ability.
Background Investigation
Upon passing the physical ability test, candidates will be given a Personal History packet to complete and return on a given date. The Police Department will conduct a thorough background investigation. All information will be confirmed. Omissions or falsifications are grounds for rejection.

Panel Interview
Depending on the number of positions to be filled, candidates with acceptable backgrounds will be interviewed for the position of Police Officer by an interview panel.

Interview with the Chief of Police
Candidates will be interviewed for the position of Police Officer by the Chief of Police. Suitable candidates will be recommended to the Civil Service Commission. Depending on the number of positions to be filled, suitable candidates from the eligibility list will be given a conditional offer of employment. The conditional offer of employment is conditional upon passing a drug screen, medical, psychological, and polygraph examination.

Medical and Psychological Examination
Prior to appointment to the Police Academy as a Probationary Police Officer, each candidate is required to undergo a thorough medical examination provided by the City of Lubbock. This examination will include testing for drug dependency or illegal drug use. Candidates will be given a vision examination, at no cost to the applicant. This examination is to ensure all applicants meet the vision requirements. Each candidate must also pass an evaluation by a licensed Psychologist.

Each candidate is required to submit to a polygraph examination.