Pay and Benefits with four police officers

The current starting pay for a Probationary Police Officer is $48,738.56 annually.  RECRUITS ARE PAID THIS SALARY WHILE ATTENDING THE POLICE ACADEMY.  Police Officers will receive a guaranteed pay raise after 12 months of service with the Department.  Police Officers receive automatic annual step increases each year for the next three years.  In addition, the department offers educational incentive pay for an associate's degree or higher.  The Lubbock Police Department currently offers shift differential pay to officers working evening or midnight shifts.

A full package of benefits is available upon starting the police academy including medical and life insurance, retirement, sick leave, vacation, longevity pay and long term disability. Seven (7) percent of your salary is placed into your retirement by the City of Lubbock through T.M.R.S. with a 2 to 1 match


Pay Scale