Learning about the past becomes a hands-on experience with our educational tours and scavenger hunts. Contact the Education Coordinator at (806) 775-3059 or for more information about tours or resources.

Volunteers are needed to assist with restoration projects, to serve as tour guides, conduct education classes and assist with historical research requests. Contact the Museum at (806) 775-3059 for an application to become a Silent Wings Museum Volunteer.

We offer a variety of educational museum outreach programs for all ages. From our traveling footlocker with a full World War II uniform to a 5' x 3' terrain board with balsa wood gliders, we can transform your classroom into a standards based learning playground. Our staff can tailor our materials and our program to fit any schedule, whether it is only a 45 minute lesson or an all day affair, we can do it all. We even have arts and crafts projects for different times of the year. Contact the Silent Wings Museum at (806) 775-3059 for more information.



Becoming a Champion for Museums: TAM Workshop

Bob Beatty, The Lyndhurst Group Inc.

Ultimately, an organization's true value is measured in its importance to its community. Stakeholders often learn of our impact (and engage in our work) through efforts in sharing messages about our role and importance to community life. This is part of our job description as museum professionals and is a year-round activity that extends beyond policymakers and includes your stakeholders throughout the community including friends, neighbors, donors, and members. In this workshop, learn how to effectively make your case, from the basics of the process, to creating a plan to articulate message, and to engaging stakeholders in the cause.

Become a champion for your museum and sign-up today!

Tuesday, October 3  Lubbock