Group Tours

Silent Wings Museum Tours
The Silent Wings Museum is excited to offer tours to special interest groups, including school and civic organizations. By reserving a tour, groups can come and experience a guided visit centered on sharing the history of the World War II Glider Pilot Program, perfect for science and history curriculum. Visitors may walk through the combat gallery, an interactive space set up to look like a real WWII war zone, view a short film on the history of the glider pilot program, explore a pilot’s footlocker, see and touch the uniform of WWII glider pilots, and have the opportunity to look inside a full-sized glider plane.

Typical tour length is approximately 90 minutes, but can be lengthened or shortened to meet the group's needs. Details regarding a tailor-made tour can be discussed with the Education Coordinator.

How Much Do Tours Cost?
For school groups and groups of 10 or more children, a special museum admission rate of $1.00 per child is applied. Grades K-2 require one (free) chaperone per five students; grades 3 and up require one (free) chaperone per 10 students. Additional adults will be charged $2. Bus drivers are admitted at no charge. 

For adult and civic groups the tour rate is $2 per person. Again, bus drivers are admitted at no charge.

How Do I Reserve a Tour?
Reserving a tour of the Silent Wings Museum is simple. Reservation requests can be taken in person, on the phone, or via email. Contact the Education Coordinator at (806) 775-3059 or Two weeks notice is required if requesting a guided tour. Self-guided tours are also available.

When making a request please include the following:
  • Contact Name and Contact Information
  • Organization or group interested in touring
  • Requested date, time, and duration of the tour
  • Approximate number and age range of tour participants
Specify if any additional or specific activities are desired such as what aspect of the museum is the tour group studying- Aviation Science, Local or National History, WWII, or US Military.

Once the tour is confirmed, you will be issued a confirmation number. The confirmation number is required upon arrival to the museum on the day of your tour.