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Transport yourself into the era of swing music and patriotism and experience World War II as told by the glider pilots who lived it. View a restored WACO CG-4A, mainstay of the U.S. glider force that flew in every major invasion of the Second World War.

Silent Wings Hangar Gallery
TG-4 located in the Hangar Gallery

Begin your World War II adventure in the theatre with a fifteen-minute program, Silent Wings: The Story of the World War II Glider Program.

The story continues to unfold in the Timeline, Hangar and Combat Galleries. View photographs and artifacts, including a fully restored WACO CG-4A glider, airborne equipment, and our living exhibit: the British Horsa Glider restoration project. 


The Donald K. and Jane M. Adams Library and Reading Room, located within the Silent Wings Museum, is home to an extensive archive and book collection about the World War II military glider program. Please note that any access to the Adams Library is by appointment only. To schedule your appointment, please contact the curator at (806) 775-3334. 

The Museum collects artifacts from the World War II Glider Pilot Program. If you would like to donate artifacts relating to this program, contact the Museum at (806) 775-3334. 

The Silent Wings Museum is home to an extensive archive, Library and Collection of artifacts and information about the World War II military glider program. Contact the Museum Curator at (806) 775-3334 or email with information requests or to schedule a research appointment. 

Visit these links to learn more about the World War II military glider program, Silent Wings Museum supporters and glider aviation groups.