Dumpster Policies

Dumpster Replacement
Residents should call 775-2482 to report bottom-out or damaged dumpsters. The Solid Waste Services department generally replaces these dumpsters within 2-5 working days.

Dumpster Placement & Movement
The Solid Waste Services department places dumpsters in the alleyways in a pattern and at locations that are convenient for the effective, efficient and safe collection of the dumpsters by the trash trucks while maintaining a certain ratio of homes per dumpster. As such, dumpsters will only be moved at the initiation of the department for operational and routing reasons. Requests to move dumpsters will not be granted except in cases where dumpsters are blocking gates, water and gas meters, etc. or causing damage to private property. If there is an issue or problem with the location of the dumpster, the department will work with residents to resolve the issue or problem rather than transferring the problem by moving the dumpster.

If a dumpster is moved, at the request of a citizen, so that work can be done on their property, the dumpster will be returned to the original position (or close proximity) after the work is complete.

Unacceptable Items in Residential or Commercial Dumpsters