Checklist When Coming to the Landfill

__1. Both sites have different hours of operation during the week and weekends. Always allow yourself enough time to unload before the landfills close.

__2. If you have any questions or if you know or feel that your load is questionable, or if you are not sure of the landfill policies, please call the landfill you are using for disposal. Caliche Canyon landfill at North Ave. P call (806) 767-2492 or West Texas Region Disposal Facility at Abernathy call (806) 757-2151.

__3. Special waste questions are directed to the Environmental Compliance Specialist, at (806) 757-2151.

__4. Payments - Do not forget to bring cash, check (made out to City of Lubbock and without an amount written in), or a current itemized utility bill, this will verify the garbage charge you pay each month. You must also have your driver's license to confirm your current address and name on the utility bill.

__5. Deposit - A deposit of $50.00 will be required at the scale window for smaller loads and $100.00 will be the minimum requirement for large loads and/or semi-tractor/trailers. This deposit will be applied to the disposal fee. This policy will be enforced before allowing the load to leave the scale. We do not discriminate against anyone.

__6. Secure your load - tarp it down or tie it down - There is a $15.00 charge if the load is not secured.

__7. Both landfill sites are Type I and hazardous waste is not accepted. Any hazardous waste brought to the landfill will be rejected and the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) will be notified.

__8. The speed limit at each site is 20 m.p.h.

__9. A greater reduction of speed is in effect when approaching the scale for safety and protection of the scale.

__10. All signs posted at the entrance gate are enforced. Please follow the instructions and policies of the landfills at all times.