Stormwater BMPs for Commercial Businesses

Preventing water pollution is simply good business - The purpose of the following information is to educate business owners on BMPs, or Best Management Practices, to reduce stormwater pollution from business activities. BMPs are structural controls or procedural practices implemented to improve the quality of stormwater runoff in a cost effective way. Although commercial businesses are not required to obtain State or City stormwater permits, the City of Lubbock does have specific prohibitions and requirements that apply to all businesses within the City limits. While education is a key to successful stormwater pollution prevention, the Stormwater Management Department still has the means to take enforcement actions against offenders. Please see the City of Lubbock Code of Ordinances, Chapter 22, for the list of prohibited discharges.

  • Automotive Facilities

  • Auto Wash & Detailing Facilities

  • Food-Handling Facilities

  • Landscaping Companies

  • Home Repair & Remodeling Companies

  • Cosmetic Cleaning Services