The Effects of Pollution

Stormwater pollution occurs when rain flows over streets and other impervious surfaces (a surface that rain can't soak into) and picks up trash, oil, dirt, and other pollutants as it travels. These pollutants are then carried into our storm drainage system, which drains directly into our playa lakes and the Yellow House and Blackwater Draws, untreated. As our city becomes increasingly developed with more roads, parking lots, cars, and homes, urbanization profoundly impacts both the quantity and quality of our stormwater.

Polluted stormwater runoff can have many adverse effects on the natural environment and the plants, fish, animals, and people that live in it. You can read more below about some common pollutants found in stormwater:

The Effects of Pollution

  • Sediment Pollution

  • Nutrient Pollution

  • Bacteria Pollution

  • Litter (Floatables)

  • Oil & Chemical Pollution

Stormwater pollution is a serious problem, and one of the leading causes of water pollution across the nation. How can you prevent stormwater pollution? Here's some tips for preventing pollution around your home.
Water running into a storm drain
Green algal bloom in playa lake caused a fish kill
Floating trash in a pond
Stormwater runoff with an oil sheen in the street