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Schedule of Charges (Through December 31, 2014)

Single Family Residential $14.00
Multi-Family Residential (separately metered units):
Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex, etc.
Multi-Family Commercial (per meter): $14.00
Residential Water Sprinklers EXEMPT
Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks $14.00
Construction - Residential $14.00

Apartment Complex* $92.92
Private Schools, Churches, Federal Government $92.92
Commercial - Retail, Service, Industrial $92.92
Construction - Commercial $92.92
All Non-Residential Water Sprinklers $92.92

* Apartment Complexes - Rates vary; Sprinkler meters for all apartment complexes will be subject to the commercial rate.

The Storm water billing will be sent to the names and address of the person or persons that own or occupy property contributing to the storm water drainage system and that have current utility service provided to the property through the City of Lubbock.

There are exemptions from the municipal drainage charges, includes all properties owned and operated by:
  • State of Texas Property
  • City of Lubbock Property
  • Lubbock County Property
  • Independent School Districts (State owned School Districts)
  • City Housing Authority
The exemptions will not include property owned by the above listed entities leased for commercial purposes. Privately owned property leased by the above listed entities will be subject to the municipal drainage charges.

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