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Report Construction Site Debris

Construction sites are required by the TPDES Construction General Permit TXR150000 to minimize their impact on adjacent streets and properties. Some of the common issues observed with construction sites include:
• Vehicle tracking in the streets
• Sediment along the curb and gutter
• Poor housekeeping, construction materials in the streets
• Improper storage of materials
• Improper disposal of personal trash
• Lack of BMPs (Best Management Practices) in place

Stormwater Management will investigate the issue, notify the Construction Site Operator concerning the reported violation, and if necessary the site will be cleaned up at the expense of the offending party.

In these pictures, you can see the large amount of sediment in the street. Streets and alleys serve as means of conveyance for stormwater. When it rains, sediment left in the street will be carried through the stormwater system and into our playa lakes.

Figure 1
Improperly maintained silt fence allows sediment to get in the street
Figure 2
Un-maintained construction site with no BMPs

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