Past Projects

South Central Lubbock Storm Sewer Project

Gravity Storm Sewer Feasibility Study 

The Major objectives for the feasibility study were: 
  • whether a gravity storm sewer route from Clapp Park Lake (City of Lubbock Lake No. 21) to the Canyon could be found, and
  • if a gravity storm sewer route was possible, what degree of flood protection could be achieved, and
  • could upstream lakes at Casey Park (Lake No. 19), Leftwich Park (Lake No. 22), Ribble Park (Lake No. 20), and Trinity Church/Sundial Village (Lake No. 23) also be served by gravity storm sewer, and
  • does the potential exist for gravity storm sewers to control lake water surface elevations upstream of Trinity Church/Sundial Village (Lake No. 23), and
  • estimate the project cost for each feasible alternative.

Cost: $36,000,000

Schedule of Stages
July 2001 Construction Begins
July 2003 Construction Complete

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