Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you decide which streets to repair annually?
All paved streets are evaluated yearly. After the evaluation is completed, the information is analyzed. The condition of the street, past maintenance history, age of the street and budget all play a major role in deciding which streets will be fixed/repaired or will have some type of preventive maintenance (seal coat, overlay, etc.) performed on them.

My alley has deep ruts and weeds, can you help?
The Street Department maintains the center 10’ of the alley, to allow the Solid Waste Department to pick up dumpsters and to allow emergency vehicles (police or fire) to use the alley when necessary. When ruts are present, please call our office and we’ll schedule a blade for your area; we do not however blade for weeds alone, t he property owner should see that the center of the alley is also mowed when they maintain the area immediately behind their fence/yard.

How often do you sweep?
All streets are swept as needed, as notified. Our schedule is as below:
  • Downtown streets are swept weekly
  • Collectors and Thoroughfares are swept once a month
  • Residential streets are currently swept as requests are received, as weather permits
  How do I get a wheel chair ramp where needed near my parent’s home?
Curb ramps are installed by request as need arises.