Paving the Way

The City of Lubbock Street Department is committed to providing all citizens the best customer service. We are dedicated to effectively maintain and repair all streets, alleys, storm drains, and ditches in the city. The Street Department also strives to maintain clean streets for all citizens.

Paved Streets
  •  Protect the investment in public streets through adequate repair and preventive maintenance to assure maximum life by annual contract maintenance programs and in-house programs such as crack sealing and removal of old asphalt streets and re-laying of new asphalt streets.
  • Maintenance and repair of General Fund parking lots and roads for City facilities.
  • Ensure the safety of travel for citizens by providing prompt and adequate response to hazardous conditions and respond to inclement weather conditions.

Unpaved Alley Maintenance
Check and grade all unpaved streets and alleys on a regular basis in addition to making emergency calls (salt streets for ice and snow, flood barricading, HAZMAT remediation, etc.) as needed.
Street Cleaning
Ensures that paved streets are acceptably clean, thereby preventing accelerated deterioration of asphalt streets. Assists in emergency operations.

Storm Sewer Maintenance & Concrete Construction
Ensure that all storm sewer inlets and lines are effectively cleaned and maintained. On 24-hour call and aids in recovery of lost items in storm drains. Removal of debris and foreign matters ensures the proper functioning of the system during potential flooding conditions.

Maintain and repair all concrete alleys and valley gutters, providing assistance in base failure/utility cut repair and curb ramp construction by request.