List of All Traffic Engineering Services

Request New Traffic Sign


Requests for new traffic signs can be submitted by contacting our office or calling 311.

Warrants established by the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD) provide a set of criteria used to define the appropriateness of traffic signs. These criteria combined with engineering judgment and awareness of local conditions assist the engineer in making a determination of what signs are needed. All requests are logged and responses are given within thirty (30) working days. Decisions by the Traffic Engineering Department can be disputed by way of the Citizens Traffic Commission.

Stop and Yield Signs

The Traffic Engineering Department installs Stop and Yield signs when traffic volume or collision warrants a need and at all City streets intersecting thoroughfares and collectors. Section 2B of the TMUTCD describes the warrants used.

The Traffic Engineering Department does not typically install stop or yield signs at residential T intersections because this situation is specifically covered under Section 545.151 of the Texas Transportation Code.

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