List of All Traffic Engineering Services

Request Parking Restrictions

Time Limited Parking

Requests for time limited parking zones can be made by the owner or tenants of residential, commercial, or government facilities abutting a public street on one side of any block for a minimum distance of one hundred fifty (150) feet. Requests must represent eighty percent (80%) or more of the street frontage proposed to be placed in the time limited parking zone.

Resident Parking Only

Resident Parking Only zones are available in neighborhoods with a history of parking problems. With the approval of sixty percent (60%) or more of residents of the street frontage, a Resident Parking Only zone can be established. Residents within these zones may then purchase permits to park on the street in front of their property. Please click here to visit the Resident Parking Only page for more information.

Parking Enforcement

Parking enforcement is the responsibility of the Lubbock Police Department and Municipal Court System. These City departments monitor all parking restrictions and initiate appropriate enforcement actions including citations and vehicle immobilization or towing.

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