List of All Traffic Engineering Services

Request to Install or Remove Traffic Signal

Requests For New Traffic Signals
Warrants have been established to provide a set of criteria which can be used to define the appropriateness of traffic control signals at a given location. The "Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices" (TMUTCD), as adopted and modified by the State of Texas from the Federal Highway Administration, includes the following warrants:
  • Eight-hour Vehicular Volume
  • Four-hour Vehicular Volume
  • Peak Hour
  • Pedestrian Volume
  • School Crossing
  • Coordinated Signal System
  • Crash Experience
  • Roadway Network
  • Intersection Near a Grade Crossing

Combined with knowledgeable engineering, judgment and awareness of local conditions, these guidelines assist the engineer in making a determination of what, if any, traffic control is appropriate for a given location. The satisfaction of one or more traffic signal warrants does not in itself require the installation of a traffic control signal. Ordinarily, the need for a traffic signal will have already been determined by the City of Lubbock’s Traffic Engineering Department. As a matter of general practice, the Department conducts regular traffic volume counts. These periodic counts often alert engineers when traffic volumes are approaching signal warrant requirements. Requests from citizens and other outside agencies are handled promptly and the requester is notified, in writing or by telephone, of the Department’s course of action.

Traffic Signal Upgrades
Additional warrants coupled with engineering judgment help determine if signal upgrades including additional signal phases such as protected left turns are required at a location.

Traffic Signal Removal
The Traffic Engineering Department initiates traffic signal removals. Prior to removal, a testing period is initiated to insure the removal will be successful. Citizens are encouraged to voice their concerns and opinions during the test period. If a citizen believes that a signal should be removed, the Traffic Engineering Department should be contacted, and a determination will be made.

When a request is received it will be logged by the Traffic Engineering Department for tracking purposes and routed to the appropriate engineer. The candidate location will be studied, and the requester will be informed of the results of the study as soon as they are available (usually in 6-8 weeks). New signals and upgrades are also subject to available funding.

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