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Municipal Settings Designation

Municipal Setting Designation (MSD)

A Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) is an official designation placed upon property within a municipality or its extraterritorial jurisdiction. The MSD certifies that the groundwater under the property is not used as potable water. The MSD also prohibits future use of the ground water as potable water because that groundwater is contaminated above drinking water standards. This prohibition is in the form of a City Ordinance and Resolution that is enforceable by the City and filed in the property records. 

In order to be eligible for a Municipal Setting Designation (MSD), the proposed MSD property must be within the corporate limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction of a city with a population of 20,000 or more. In addition, there must be a public water supply system that meets state requirements and supplies or can supply drinking water to the MSD property and all properties within ½-mile of the property. 

If you would like to apply for a Municipal Setting Designation (MSD), please complete the MSD Application and Checklist and submit six (6) copies of the completed application along with a check for $2,000.00 to the Office of the City Secretary. Please check the TCEQ Website for eligibility requirements. 

For additional information on the City of Lubbock's MSD process, please contact the Water Utilities Department at 806.775.2592.

Approved MSD Applications

MSD Application Number Application Location
Date Certified by TCEQ
City of Lubbock Resolution
MSD AP 108 Goodacre Q Partners, Ltd. Glenna Goodacre & Ave Q 9/9/2008 2009-O0009 MSD
MSD AP 131 Texas Department of Transportation
308 Municipal Drive 7/21/2010 2009-O0086 MSD
MSD AP 175 City of Lubbock- Old Fire Training Academy
102 Municipal Drive 2/3/2012 2011-R0262 MSD
MSD AP 041 City of Lubbock- LPL 5th & Avenue J 2/14/2008 2007-O0026 MSD
MSD AP 253 Texas Instruments Inc. 2301 N. University Ave 7/11/14 2003-O0058 MSD

Upcoming Hearings on MSD

Application Name Date Location PDF Information
No hearings at this time.