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Programs for 3rd thru 5th Grade

The following courses are offered for 3rd thru 5th Grade. These presentations are listed by grade level.  However, each presentation may be applicable to multiple grade levels.


All lessons are correlated to the newest TEKS, written in the 5E format, accompanied by vocabulary and content assessments, website and literature links, and a Power Point presentation.

  • Olympics

Water Olympics

Explore the properties of water in Olympic style activities.

Water Olympics Lesson Plan
  • cool_249664

Water, Water Everywhere

Game show type lesson involving water in preparation for the STAAR Science

(STAAR Science Review)

Water, Water Everywhere Lesson Plan
  • What Goes In

What Goes In Must Come Out

Explore the world of wastewater; discuss ways in which people add waste into our water system; explore the wastewater treatment process for the City of Lubbock

What Goes In Must Come Out Lesson Plan
  • Fred

The Adventure of Fred the Fish

Travel with Fred the Fish as he swims in a polluted river; explore the water treatment process for the City of Lubbock; create a filtering system

The Adventure of Fred the Fish Lesson Plan
  • Kapiti Plain

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain

Explore the water cycle through the eyes of a herdsman; Create a model water cycle in a Ziploc baggie

(Literature Based)

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain Lesson Plan
  • Garbology

Garbology 101

Examine the world of solid waste as we look through our garbage to discover better ways to sustain our landfills; Also create an edible model of a landfill

Garbology 101 Lesson Plan
All presentations are free of charge.  Lessons and materials can be requested for teacher use.  Our department will fill the tubs with the appropriate amounts and deliver to your campus and pick-up once completed.  All materials can also be presented by our department at your campus.
To request materials/presentations please complete the Water Education Request Form on our website or contact our department directly.