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Programs for Pre-K thru 2nd Grade

The following presentations are offered for Pre-K thru 2nd Grade. These presentations listed by grade level.  However, each presentation may be applicable to multiple grade levels.



All lessons are correlated to the newest TEKS, written in the 5E format, accompanied by vocabulary and content assessments, website and literature links, and a Power Point presentation.

  • Water Warriors

Water Warriors

Explore the world’s water resources, discover very little is consumable; create water necklace; become water warriors by discussing ways to conserve our water

Water Warriors Lesson Plan
  • water cycle

Water Cycle Bracelets

Discuss the stages of the water cycle and their importance; create bracelets to represent each component

Water Cycle Bracelets Lesson Plan
  • Birdfeeder

Sustaining Lubbock 6R's Series: Reusing Plastic Bottles as Birdfeeders

Students will learn about reusing objects to help the environment; students will also make bird feeders from used plastic bottles

Sustaining Lubbock 6R's Series: Reusing Plastic Bottles as Birdfeeders Lesson Plan
  • The Watermelon Seed

The Watermelon Seed

Explore seeds after reading Greg Pizzoli's, The Watermelon Seed.  Practice sorting and counting watermelon seeds along with growing their own seed.

(Literature Based)

The Watermelon Seed Lesson Plan
  • Planting a Rainbow

Planting a Rainbow

Learn about the parts of a plant and all of the shapes and colors of the diverse plant kingdom
(Literature Based)

Planting a Rainbow Lesson Plan
  • Recycling Paper

Sustaining Lubbock 6R's Series: Recycling Paper

Students will learn how paper is made, its impact on our landfills, and how beneficial recycling can be as they create their own recycled paper

Sustaining Lubbock 6R's Series: Recycling Paper Lesson Plan
  • Snowflake

The Snowflake: A Water Cycle Story

Explore the water cycle as a snowflake changes form during the four seasons of the year

(Literature Based)

The Snowflake: A Water Cycle Story Lesson Plan
  • Tiny Seed

The Tiny Seed

Students explore the parts of a plant and life cycle through the seasons as they use watercolors to depict Eric Carle’s timeless story

(Literature Based)                

The Tiny Seed Lesson Plan
  • Leo

The Water That Leo Drank

Join Leo the Puppet as he traces the journey of water from river to tap

(Literature Based)


The Water That Leo Drank Lesson Plan
All presentations are free of charge.  Lessons and materials can be requested for teacher use.  Our department will fill the tubs with the appropriate amounts and deliver to your campus and pick-up once completed.  All materials can also be presented by our department at your campus.
To request materials/presentations please complete the Water Education Request Form on our website or contact our department directly.