Emergency? Contact Water Service 24 Hours at (806) 775-2588

 Request for Water Credit

If your water bill is abnormally high you can submit the Request for Water Credit form to mmecalco@mylubbock.us.

If your case is referred to the Water Board of Appeals by the Water Utilities Administration, it will be placed on the next Water Board of Appeals agenda that is normally scheduled once a month. You may attend the board meeting to present your case in person.  You are not required to attend for your case to be heard by the Board. You will be notified of the Board’s decision by letter within three weeks after the meeting is held.  The Board’s decision is final.

Water Board of Appeals Letter to Customer

Board Authority

The Water Board of Appeals as established in article 2.03, division 11 of the Code of Ordinances

of the City of Lubbock, shall have authority and is vested with the jurisdiction to hear and

determine cases that include:


1. Requests for substitutions to irrigation system operations, water times and/or conditions

as set forth in article 22.03.133(a) and (b).


2. Requests for variances to the drought and emergency contingency plan set forth in

section 22.08.084.


3. Requests for variances to the computation of the average winter consumption (AWC) as

set forth in section 22.03.096 (a); and


4. Appeals from the internal administrative appeal procedure as set forth in section

22.03.096 including customer disputes of the accuracy of the city’s billing for water (i.e.,

inaccurate meter reading, inaccurate rates and/or fees, and inaccurate volumes of water

due to leaks.).


Customer with requests covered by the board’s authority shall file a petition for variance with the

Water Board of Appeals. All petitions for variances shall be reviewed by the Water Board of

Appeals and shall include, in addition to the information provided in Section 22.03.132 of the

Code of Ordinances of the City of Lubbock a 1) description of the relief requested, 2) detailed

information regarding why the relief is requested, 3) the period of time for which the variance is

sought, and 4) other pertinent information.