Who is the LMPO?

The LMPO, more formally called the Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization, is a federally mandated organization developed to coordinate the highway, transit, and land use planning process in order to receive federal funds for highway and transit improvements. The LMPO is the organization that brings together the following agencies to make continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation decisions.

  • Citibus
  • City of Lubbock
  • City of Wolfforth
  • Lubbock County
  • Texas Department of Transportation

The Lubbock Metropolitan Planning Organization is comprised of a Transportation Policy Committee (TPC), Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), Transportation Planning Director, MPO Staff and a Fiscal Agent.

Transportation Policy Committee
The Transportation Policy Committee is the decision making body of the LMPO. The Transportation Policy Committee may consider creation of other committees and sub-committees for a special purpose or to ensure adequate pro-active public participation in the transportation planning process.

Transportation Advisory Committee
The Transportation Advisory Committee is responsible for providing technical support for the Transportation Policy Committee